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March 09, 2007

Podcast for 3/8/07: There is no one right way to invest


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There is no one right way to invest - any more than there is one right way to train a dog. You have to pick something that makes sense and then stick with it.

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Length: 6:20

1:30  You have to pick an investment system and stick with it -- the discipline is usually more important than the system itself.
1:50  Kim talks about her two German Shepherds, Lexi and Dritte. Many people said Dritte couldn't be rehabilitated, but she's made a lot of progress.
2:20  There are many kinds of dog training. Kim chose to use the methods of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan.
3:14  Kim says she would have been equally successful had she chosen one of the other training methods. There is no one right way, only the right way for you.
3:45  Success in any endeavor is no more difficult than the discipline to do the right things every day. Like dog training, there are many different ways to invest. The "right" way is the way that makes sense to you and meets your objectives.
4:38  Fear and doubt often keep us from choosing the right system for ourselves and instead rely on someone else to tell us what to do. The financial services industry is more than happy to oblige.
4:50  Successful investing is 20% technical knowledge and 80% common sense. Ask as many questions as you can to learn as much as you can.
5:30  Trust your gut.

Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer


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